High quality steel templates

High quality steel templates produced with a modern cut-to-length line. A surface without scratches and no tensions in the templates provide a long lifetime.


Steel Grades

The SYRO flat steel moulds are available in hot rolled carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel:

Black Hot Rolled Steel (blued surface)Tensile StrengthYield Strength (min)Elongation (min)

S355 J2G3 (ST52-3)510-600 N/mm2>355 N/mm2>17%

SYRO 3000   

SYRO 400039-52 kg/mm232 kg/mm2>19%

SYRO 5000SYRO 5000520-670 N/mm2>17%

Stainless SteelTensile StrengthYield Strength (min)Elongation (min)

SYRO 7000>520 N/mm2>320 N/mm2>18%

SYRO 7000 S>560-700 N/mm2>420 N/mm2>15%

Electro-plated SteelTensile StrengthYield Strength (min)Elongation (min)

S 350 GDZ 350 MBCO*420-570 N/mm2>350 N/mm2>16%

*available Zinc layer thickness with MB surface are Z275=275 g/m3, Z350=350 g/m3 or Z450=450 g/m3

Production Process
The production process for the SYRO flat steel moulds includes:

  • Trimming of steel plates to its required width
  • Oiling with corrosison protection oil
  • Deburring and rounding of rough edges
  • Wrapped in double-sided VCI foils
  • Packed into wooden boxes

Product Quality
In order to guarantee the top quality of the SYRO steel moulds

  • The tolerances are constantly checked during the production
  • The moulds are handled with utmost care and are protected with oil
  • The moulds are carefully packed in to VCI foils and wooden boxes

Rounded corners

The SYRO flat steel moulds are made of European steel and are produced in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

SYRO flat steel moulds are especially dedicated to fibre cement and CBPB manufacturers.

The SYRO flat steel moulds are available in the following dimensions with standard tolerances. Tolerances, which differ from the standard ones must be requested

  Standard Tolerances
Length max. 6'500 mm +3.0/-0.0 mm
Width max. 1'750 mm +3.0/-0.0 mm
Thickness max. 4 mm +/- 0.2 mm
Parallelism   2.0 mm
Flatness   1.0 mm / 1m